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Original BBQ Sauce
Francie Frederick
It is good. My husband does not eat keto by choice and he loved it.

Tangy and thick

Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread
Karen Guzman-Newton
If you like jello in a watered bath

So disappointed. Could not spread on toast as it is clumpy jello and orange water. I love jellies and this is not even close. Maybe it could be salvaged to use as an orange vinaigrette salad dressing. Would never buy again. Water and Erythritol first 2 ingredients and orange is not even on the list.

coffee creamer

Not to crazy about the flavor. I mix it with my Carnation sugar free creamer to reduce calories further.

Love this dressing!

I love that I can enjoy the spicy and flavorful buffalo ranch dressing without any guilt!

Grat For My Renewed Diet

I wat a lot of salads and it is great to have tasty dressings, tasty no-fat dressings that is. So far, love the Walden Farms products

Pumpkin Spice Creamer
Christine Curtis

Pumpkin Spice Creamer

Alfredo Sauce
annys friedman
Should Be Thicker

Excellent taste but very thin... should be at least a little thicker.


The dressings are all pretty good! Cannot say same for the chocolate and peanut butter.

Good product

Shipping takes to long

LOVE this, gluten-free, BUT…

My go to salad…Romaine lettuce with spring mix, chopped cucumbers, goat cheese crumbles, Kalamata olives, fresh warm grilled chicken pieces, and Walden Farms Super fruits dressing! It’s Heaven in a bowl.

I just noticed, on my newly bought bottle from Walmart, that it now has propylene glycol in the ingredients.

It is only harmful in high doses, but it seems like everything has propylene glycol in it these days.

People with liver or kidney disease should not use this, because it is filtered out of the body through those pathways.

Aside from using it as a preservative and flavor , it is used as an emulsifier, a texturizer, and a processing aid to enhance food's appearance.

Can’t you please find a different emulsifier for your dressings? Pretty please?

I loved your Original recipe pancake syrup but the new recipe is not good. It doesn't even taste sweet. Please bring back the Original recipe syrup. Everyone that uses sugar free foods is not on a keto diet.

the Russian is my favorite

Caramel Syrup
Marcia Schiffer
Secret recipe

The syrup is great. I add it to the cole slaw dressing and it makes a hit whenever I serve it

Sweet and sour

A good blend for a change of pace. Works great salad including fresh fruit


I like the flavor and ready to order some more

Amazin' Mayo
Mary Marsh

If I have to have a diet mayo, Amazin mayo is perfect.

I Would Eat This Even if Not Doing Low Carb

DELICIOUS, no weird aftertaste or smell. I've been low carb for over 2 years and have tried dozens of dressings (thru store bought or homemade). NOTHING comes close to this and when you combine, great taste, low carb AND ZERO calories. Come on...what else could you want! WINNER-WINNER....Make it dinner!

Marshmallow Dessert Dip
Legena Brister
Taste’s good

Taste’s like real marshmallow but a little runny. Wish you could make it and some of the other items thicker.

Great product

Love this sauce

Amazin' Mayo
Kathy Andersen

Loved it before recent recipe change. No only is it runny, it's taste is more of a diluted flavor. I want to spread my mayo on bread, not pour it. Please go back to recipe before this change.

Sesame Ginger Zero Calorie Dressing
Bonnie Nichols Bonnie Nichols -
Sesame ginger

Not as refreshing as I thought it would be.

One of my Favorites

I like this one and the ranch dressing the best. Other flavors are so thick they will not come out of the bottle I have to rake the dressing out of the bottle with a utensil.

Great product

My husband is the cook in our family and he uses this for marinade now- loves it on chicken and pork. Very happy with purchase

Wonderful Salad Dressings

We purchased 10 bottles of all varieties in the zero salad dressings and absolutely 💯 love 💕 them all!!!!

My wife loves it even takes it on trips