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good for dipping

I like this for dipping apple slices into or mixing in with my yogurt. The consistency however is too thin for making a PB & J.

YUK- Bring back the old formulas for your products

I used to by the creamer and the syrups religiously and now it's just horrible and watery. The flavor is indescribable now and tastes like poison. Terrible aftertaste. I threw all mine away.


This should just be called corn chemical spread. You’re better off eating peanut butter made from ground peanuts.

Strawberry Fruit Spread
Glenn O'Bannon

It has a great strawberry flavor and a nice consistency. Highly recommended!

You won't believe it's zero calories

It's tangy. Italian is my favorite dressing and this one is fantastic!

First time user

Tastes OK, but would be much better if thicker. It is OK to make salad dressing with but too thin for sandwiches.

very tasty

all i did was add a no-calorie ingedient to it, and it is delicious. thank you!

Great flavor. I use it to make creamy soups! Boil broccoli in veg broth and your choice of seasonings, drain (save broth) and let cool a bit. Put alfredo sauce, broccoli, and enough broth to blend in blender or use immersion blender to cream all ingredients together. This is also very tasty with the addition of diced potatoes.

Hazelnut Coffee Creamer
James Martinez
Zero carb creamers are a blessing!

All of the no carb creamers are great, all flavors.

Great service

Items arrived securely wrapped to prevent damage and in a timely manner.

Best vinaigrette dressing

This is the best vinaigrette dressing I have ever had. And zero calories. Walden Farms is the only dressing I use, even though I have to order by mail.

Strawberry Syrup
Merle F Hill
Pancakes & strawberries

We enjoy the strawberry syrup on pancakes & ice cream, will continue to purchase.

Pancake Syrup

Pancake Syrup

Never received my order

Never received my order

Never received my order

Chipotle Mayo

Never received my order

Never received my order

Never received my order

Never received my order

Never received my order

I never received my order

Terrible customer service! My box had half of the products broken. No one has returned my calls or emails.

My box had half of the products broken. I e tried calling and emailing w zero return calls or emails. Terrible customer service