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Walden Farms Calorie Free Maple Walnut Syrup is made with rich natural flavors including Real Maple and Hearty Walnut. Delicious on pancakes, oatmeal, in your coffee, over ice cream, yogurt, in smoothies or as an ingredient in desserts.
All Walden Farms Syrups are made with rich natural flavors including pure Vanilla, Rich Caramel, Real Chocolate from Premium Natural Cocoa Beans, Fresh Fruit Extract from Strawberries, Blueberries and more. Eat healthy “The Walden Way.”
Switch to Walden Farms Calorie Free Syrups and save 330 calories a day, 10,000 calories a month, lose 34 pounds a year “The Walden Way!”

maple walnut syrup

Maple Walnut Syrup 
12 oz. $4.99
Chocolate syrup

Chocolate Syrup
12 oz. $4.99
pancake syrup
Pancake Syrup
12 oz. $4.99
strawberry syrup
Strawberry Syrup
12 oz. $4.99
blueberry syrup
Blueberry Syrup
12 oz. $4.99
caramel syrup

Caramel Syrup
12 oz. $4.99