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Walden Farms Calorie Free Jellied Cranberry Sauce & Fruit Spread is made from natural cranberry fruit extract for a fresh cranberry taste. To enjoy as a sauce, simply remove from jar, slice and serve.  Delicious any time of year with Turkey and Chicken. Great on sandwiches, toast, muffins, bagels, PB&J's, in yogurt or oatmeal and more!
Make it the “The Walden Way” and save hundreds of calories every time!

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cranberry sauce
Cranberry Sauce
12 oz. $4.99
Strawberry Fruit Spread
12 oz. $4.99
Raspberry Fruit Spread
12 oz. $4.99


Apricot Fruit Spread
12 oz. $4.99
Apple Butter
Apple Butter Fruit Spread 
12 oz. $4.99
Grape Fruit Spread
12 oz. $4.99
Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread
12 oz. $4.99
Blueberry Fruit Spread
12 oz. $4.99
cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, apricot, apple butter, grape, orange marmalade & blueberry
Variety Pack

All 8 Flavors!

8-12 oz. $39.92